Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories #15 ~ Holiday Happenings

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There are a few Christmas time birthdays in my family, mine being one of them!  Some people dislike having a birthday near Christmas because your special day often gets combined with the Christmas holiday.  Sometimes as a child I felt that way, but most of the time I loved having a Christmas season birthday!  I loved the decorations, the beautiful music everywhere.

Eldon and Perl Chapman

When I was a little girl my Aunt Carol would make me wonderful cakes.  She loved to decorate cakes, something I would love to learn one day!  Sometimes they would be teddy bear cakes or a Christmas theme.  As for birthday gifts some years I got to pick out one or two Christmas gifts from under the tree to open early.  I thought that was really cool when I was little!  Then as I got older sometimes I would also get a special gift unrelated to Christmas.

Another relative who had a December birthday was my Great Aunt Pearl Chapman (nee Anderson).   Pearl was born 25 Dec 1919, yes a Christmas day birthday!  I have a feeling Aunt Pearl loved Christmas as she also chose Christmas day as her wedding day.  She married Eldon Chapman on 25 Dec 1941, in Fredericton New Brunswick.


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