February 5, 2017

Taking Control Over My Family Tree Site & Other Changes

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It’s been far too long since I’ve been actively posting on my family history blog. But I’m so glad to be back and plan to keep posting as often as I can.

Taking Control Over My Family Tree Sites

The past year has been a mixture of things that have kept me away. I’ve had many things to work on in the last year and with some minor health issues popping up I simply had to cut back on my work load online. But one of my main problems was dealing with technical bugs, or maybe I should say not having time to deal with technical bugs!

Footsteps of the Past used to be hosted on Blogger and while I really do like the Blogger platform over all I was very frustrated to find last summer that Blogger had messed up the photos and images on all of my blogs. How did I discover this? I was trying to pin a post to Pinterest and found that the window would only show broken image links.

I believe it had something to do with Google moving the photo hosting for Blogger from Picasa, then to G+ Photos and then to Google Photos and then yet again moving older blog images to Google’s photo archive. I ended up with many random characters added to the photo urls.

The only solution was to manually reupload every photo. That took a LONG time and on my larger blog I’m still fixing posts.

Then Ancestry’s free Rootsweb and Freewebs accounts had big technical issues and my 2 favourite places to keep my family trees were down. During that time I couldn’t access my databases or files there.

This is another good reason to never keep your only copy of your genealogy records online and always have good backups! My main databases were safely on my computer with backups in multiple places.

Taking Control Over My Family Tree

Now that things have settled down I’ve been busy making some changes. I’ve moved Footsteps of the Past from Blogger to WordPress. I still have a lot of work to do getting the site to look the way I like but it’s coming along!

I’ve also invested in the new GedSite’s program to create my family tree pages and I’m hosting them here along with my WordPress site. GedSite is created by John Cardinal who had produced the program Second Site.  For years I’ve wished that Second Site would work with other genealogy programs other than The Master Genealogist and now I’m so happy that a version has been made that works with GEDCOM files.

I’ve just created my first site using GedSite and again I have a lot of work to do but I’m already in love with how it works. You can see my family tree pages here or clicking family tree in my top menu bar then use the surname page to look around.

So I hope to be sharing here much more often now. Don’t mind the dust as I move things around to get it just right!

Are you working on any big genealogy moves?



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